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Advanced Nerve Pain Requires Advanced Nerve Testing

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Injured or compressed nerves can cause stabbing pain, numbing and dysfunction. If you think you may have a compromised nerve, advanced nerve testing can diagnose your symptoms and help you receive the treatment you need for recovery. The human body features millions of neurons that report sensations from the skin and organs, in addition to 12 pairs of cranial nerves and another 31 pairs of spinal nerves. When one or more of these nerves becomes compressed or damaged, pain and dysfunction set in. However, there are many other conditions that cause the same symptoms as nerve damage. To determine what is behind your inflammation or chronic pain, nerve testing can reveal the health of your muscles and nerves with precision and ease.


Do You Have Nerve Damage?

Millions of people have damaged or compressed nerves. Injured or compressed nerves can cause stabbing pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and dysfunction. Most people associate the terms “numbness” and “tingling” with very serious health problems like stroke or heart attack. However, nerve compression and injury are far more likely to be behind symptoms that come on slowly or repeat randomly for weeks on end. It’s very possible you have neuropathy from one of these two events, or you could have nerve damage.


Your body has the Central Nervous System that consists of the spinal cord and brain. You also have the Peripheral Nervous System, which consists of all the nerves throughout the body that communicate with the spinal cord and brain. If you have nerve damage or compression in your body, you will experience symptoms of nerve damage. However, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where your nerve problem is stemming from. When pressure on a major peripheral nerve blocks its signal to the spinal cord or brain, you can end up with many types of symptoms in different places in the body.


Nerve Testing for Nerve Pain

When you have symptoms stemming from nerve problems, you want to have nerve testing done so we can determine if you have actual nerve damage or a nerve problem that can be fixed. About 30% of all neuropathy is diagnosed as idiopathic. This means that the physician can find no clear cause of the pain or symptoms, which complicates treatment in most cases. That is why nerve testing is so important. Our diagnostic tools can help you determine if your condition is truly idiopathic or if there is a hidden cause that we can treat and correct.


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Treatments after Nerve Testing

Once we determine if you have a compressed nerve or similar nerve problem, we can then begin treatment. We offer the following treatments to help patients with their symptoms:

  • High Frequency LED Treatment – This is an advanced light therapy treatment available to our patients to increase microcirculation. Increasing circulation helps release nitric oxide from red blood cells, which helps your nerves to heal.
  • Oxygen with Exercise – Your nerves and tissues need oxygen to thrive. The brain and nerves need food and activation to repair and start functioning again. We provide you proper exercises to activate your muscles and the means to get those tissues proper oxygen-rich blood.
  • Deep Vibration – We frequently apply vibration therapy to the feet to activate nerves. The legs and feet are common areas for nerve damage and neuropathy symptoms, which is why we treat these areas.
  • NVP8500/EPS8000 Treatment – This high-tech treatment is designed to improve circulation and motor function in the peripheral nerve to help improve nerve function once more.
  • Functional Neurology – Depending on your nerve problem after we perform nerve testing, we provide different therapies to improve your nerve health.


Functional Therapies for Nerve Health

Due to the numerous and varied causes of neuropathy, it’s likely that we have an effective treatment to help relieve your symptoms. We do have patients with permanent nerve damage that find regular electrostimulation and massage therapy helpful with controlling their symptoms without medication. Chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and inflammation injections can also make a huge difference if you are suffering. For some patients, simple fixes like correcting nutritional deficiencies can stop your neuropathy symptoms from happening. We have functional therapies that can treat your compressed nerves, help ease symptoms from nerve damage, or can correct the problem completely.


Feel Healing Today

When you have nerve damage, it can be difficult to feel your limbs. It can be even more difficult to move around or get through work or daily tasks. Some nerve damage is not correctable. However, nerve pain that stems from injuries or compression is correctable in many patients. If you have numbness, tingling, or other neuropathy symptoms, don’t let them interfere with your day! Come into Texas Spine & Sports Therapy Center today to receive your nerve testing and treatment. To call for your free consultation or to schedule your nerve testing appointment, call our office at (512) 806-0015!

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